Hawaii Energy Smart Tax Credits

Save money by reducing and/or eliminating your power bill.

The average home solar-system ranges anywhere from $10,000  -  $50,000. In order to ease the financial burden of upfront, out-of-pocket costs, Hawaii Energy Smart is working with Local Banks and other “Green Lenders” to assist you with upfront costs.

Federal and State credits


Lanai Residential Installation 2

For Residential Solar Electric Systems

-30% Federal Energy Tax Credit (no cap)
-35% State of Hawaii Tax Credit ($5000 cap)


For Commercial Solar Electric Systems

-30% Federal Business Energy Tax Credit(no cap)
-35% State of Hawaii Energy Conservation
  Tax Credit ($500,000 cap)
-Federal and State Accelerated Depreciation

If you finance the installation, often times your loan payment will be less than what your monthly power bill was.

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