Hawaii Energy Smart now proudly carries
Lezeti Solar Air Conditioning
With Zero Money Down Financing!

Hybrid split-system air conditioner powered by the sun.


GREEN technology supports minimal impact upon the environment by harnessing up to 90% renewable solar energy during peak sun hours to power this advanced Hybrid A/C system.

  • HYBRID design utilizes a “smart-circuit” function that automatically pulls from grid as sunlight varies and voltage drops.
  • DIRECT DC design allows direct solar PV power to run the unit with no inverter required, thus eliminating any loss of efficiency.
  • AHRI CERTIFIED as an EnergyStar rated SEER21 Split System.
  • ANTI-CORROSION coating for sea-salt protection and enhanced longevity.
  • QUIET operation highly attractive for any type of setting.
  • ANTI-MILDEW feature minimizes mildew growth in the evaporator for enhanced air quality and minimal routine maintenance.
  • FOLLOW ME remote for spot area cooling.
  • IONIZED air purification feature minimizes dust absorbed into the unit.
  • ECO MODE lowers power draw for additional power savings. (not functional during turbo mode)


  • Direct DC Zero Feedback to Grid
  • Savings up to 77% on A/C Cooling Costs
  • Qualifies for State & Federal Credits*
  • No Utility Approval Required
  • 3-4 Year System Payback

Solutions Available

Hybrid and Offgrid Solutions Available

Amazing SEER 35 rating with PV.
No MECO approval required!