Hawaii Energy Smart Leasing a System?

Is it the right move?

Not anymore. Solar panel prices have dropped rapidly as manufacturing and logistics operations mature. Solar Energy Systems cost a fraction what they did a couple years ago.
Solar leasing is obsolete. Hawaii Energy Smart offers complete, quality solar power and energy efficiency solutions at prices that make solar leasing a thing of the past. Realize energy independence with your own solar panel system, without the headaches of leasing.

Our energy solutions are Smart. Find out what we can do for you with a Free Energy Analysis.

Problems with Leasing:

  • The property owner does not own the solar energy system. Rather, it is leased from the utility company or other financier.
  • Property values are not increased by leased systems, as the property owner does not own the system. Transfer of ownership is not readily available to potential purchasers in most instances and/or will cost the property owner in such cases.
  • Transfer of system ownership adds another level of difficulty to selling the property. Often, transfer of ownership is not possible.
  • Renewable energy credits are not owned by the system owner, rather the utility company or other financier owns the credits.
  • Payments are required; Rather monthly or one-time, solar lease payments add-up to more than the purchase price in most instances, by far.
  • The most attractive part of a lease is the No Money Down part. Other than that, you do not get to keep your tax credits and your payment is only a little less than it is now.
  • Think about it, someone else is leasing your roof for 20 years and gets to keep your credits! 
  • Financially, with our Green Smart Financing, it is No Money Down, you start saving money right away, your average pay-off on a system is 3-5 years, then your payment drops to the basic MECO interconnect fee of $18/month. With leasing, your still paying a high rate for 20 years and you've basically bought the system 10 times over!
Leasing Graph


The demand for Solar Energy in Hawaii is at an all-time high; with government grants going away and state tax credits possibly depleting, there has never been a better, more urgent time to Go Solar.

Solar Energy Systems from Hawaii Energy Smart are affordable now. A means of realizing energy independence, reducing your carbon footprint, and protecting your family from increasing utility rates, our prices are Smart. Let a Hawaii Energy Smart Professional create an affordable Custom Solar Solution to fit your needs.