Hawaii Energy Smart FAQ's


Are the upfront costs high?

Hawaii Energy Smart works with you every step of the way. Usually the biggest deterrent to going green is the initial upfront expense. Hawaii Energy Smart offers finance and loan options that require ZERO money down. You still get to keep all your Fed and State Credits and start saving money instantly. We can also offer you other types of financial options that may be more beneficial to your commercial or non-profit needs. 

Why do I need a site inspection?

Every property is different. For a solar electric system, we need to assess and determine your properties sun exposure, shading issues, roof type, square footage of roof, amount of materials needed and condition of existing electrical system and meter main.

I want to do it right now! How long does it take?

We fill out the MECO application for you. After MECO approval, an electrical permit is pulled and equipment deposit taken. We can then put you on the installation calendar. Having years of experience and great relationships with our suppliers allows us to get the job done quickly once we have evaluated your property and recommended the best solution for your home or business.

Is there tax paperwork involved?

Do I need to file papers with the State and Fed for the credit? Yes there is. Hawaii Energy Smart makes it easy by assisting  you with your paperwork. We also pull all electrical permits and work with County and MECO inspectors.

Will my Home Owners Association allow it?

Yes: By law they cannot prevent you from producing solar power. Wind turbines usually have stricter covenants in residential neighborhoods. We will be happy to contact your Home Owners Association on your behalf and discuss the process with them and fill out any required paperwork.

Is there a warranty? 

Yes. Hawaii Energy Smart  warranties their installation and labor for 10 years. We also honor the 25 year warranty on the solar panels and the inverters. The racking we use is the strongest in the industry!

How do I know if my system is working properly?

Both you and Hawaii Energy Smart have the ability to monitor the health of your solar array online. 

Providing Off-grid & Hybrid Off-grid solutions

Do I need a battery back up?

Customer Self Supply systems come with batteries. We can add backup battery to existing NEM and CGS systems, proving they do not add any capacity to the system. 


Is there maintenance required?

Hawaii Energy Smart offers a Solar Tune Up Service. Keep your PV, Solar AC or Hot water systems running tip-top!

Can I charge my electric car from my roof?

Yes! This means that not only can you eliminate your power bill, but if you someday buy an all-electric vehicle, you can also eliminate your gas bill. That’s double the savings! We call it our PV for EV solution. 

What is Self Supply?

Customer Self Supply is when you produce power from your solar panels, use the energy to power your house and the surplus goes into charging up your batteries. At night time, you rely upon the power from your batteries. If you don't have enough power in your batteries, you can take from the grid to supplement it until the sun comes back up and recharges your batteries in the morning. This way never run out of power and you rarely are buying power from the utility. There is a $25/monthly Meco Interconnection fee. This option is best for homeowners. 


What is Grid Supply?

Customer Grid Supply is when you use all your daytime pv production and any surplus is exported to the grid, where Meco will buy it back for seventeen cents a killowatt hour. This option is best for businesses that operate during the day. 


What is Solar Air Conditioning?

Solar AC is when you add three PV panels to our Lezeti mini-split air conditioner. It greatly reduces the cost of operation versus a regular split ac system. It is eligible for both Fed and State credits. 


What is Solar PV Hot Water?

Solar PV Hot Water uses PV modules, instead of a traditional solar collector. There is no pump, so plumbing in the attic, 25 year warranty (versus 10 year) and much hotter water. It is eligible for both Fed and State credits.