Eckart Family Solar Installation
Total COST $20,607
Federal Tax CREDIT -$6182.10
State Tax CREDIT -$7212.45
Net COST $0.00

Eckart Family

PRE SOLAR BILL average $137/month

1st Year Customer Pays $0* for the first year, same as cash option where there is no payment for the first year. There is a balloon payment of $7213 after one year.
Savings over the life of the system $63,944 total
$213 / month

Environmental Impact

System will reduce green house gas emmisions by 78 tons over the next 25 years

Equivalent CO2 Reductions

Small Car ??? miles
Medium Car ??? miles
SUV ??? miles
Air Miles ??? miles
Trees Planted ??? trees planted
CO2 from trash & waste ??? persons

*MECO requires a minimum of $18 per month to be tied to the grid